Welcome to Israel

Visit Israel!

Learn about history of Israel, see archeological and modern sites of the country, feel the nature and culture of Israel by traveling through Israel.

Travel with licensed guide

Boris Rainesh will pass you through most interesting sites of Israel. Choose your interest and destination of hundreds places and I will take you there.

7 climate zones!

If you wish, you can visit dry stony desert and the Red Sea and springs of Mediterranean forests at the same day!

Visit biggest cities

Haifa - not only the port city and NAVI base of Israel, but place where four monotheistic religions living in peace and harmony!

Learn about traditions

Learn about local traditions and about three main religions at their very important center - Jerusalem!

Modern art museums

Not only past but the present and the future: Israel in the modern arts like Tel Aviv Museum of Art or Agam Museum in Rishon Lezion.