Upper Galilee and nature and wines.

We will visit two wineries of the upper Galilee and enjoy a wine tasting accompanied by cheeses, bread and olive oil. We will hear the story of winemakers about the history of wine making and growing grapes, learn to smell the wine and see its taste. We will visit the Metsudat Koach Museum complex and learn about the heroic assault on this defensive fortification. Nearby are the ruins of the village of Al-Nabi Yusha and a Muslim cemetery with The Nabi Yusha shrine, established here in honor of the Joshua (Ben Nun) at the end of the 18th century. We learn about the project of strongholds-fortifications of the Tegart's Wall barbed wire fence during the British Mandate, and who is this Charles Tigart!? request info

Battlefields of the twentieth century: Golan heights.

Let's get acquainted with the history of battles directly in the places of hostilities. We will visit the headquarters of the Syrian army - a modern garffiti art object, visit the room where the Israeli intelligence officer Eli Cohen received special permission to visit the Golan Heights, climb the observation deck of one of the many volcanic hills, and learn the geology of the Golan Heights. Let's follow through the defensive fortifications of the second half of the 20th century, and find out the geopolitical position of this region of Israel. Enjoy wine at one of the unique wineries of the Golan Heights accompanied by olive oil, cheeses and freshly baked pizza. request info